The “I HEART ART” show is an artsUMBRELLA staff show at Ainsworth Custom Design (1243 Cartwright Street) running from February 1 – 29. The show represents 20 artsUMBRELLA staff and was conceived and coordinated by Roxanne Gagnon, an artsUMBRELLA instructor and participant in the show. In Roxanne’s words, the “WHY” behind “I HEART ART”:
“It is important to share what we do as artists in our everyday lives & what we experiment with in our artistic expression. As individuals, we’re actively practicing and applying ourselves to creative expression but it is rare at artsUMBRELLA that we display or represent what and who we are as artists outside of the studio as a collective body.
I wanted to bring together a community that shares a common expression that take on a variety of forms and disciplines – to give us a place to gather and share our experiences outside of artsUMBRELLA, celebrating creative expression as an artsUMBRELLA collective…to celebrate why “I HEART ART” together!”